You are the average of the five people you most spend time with.
— Jim Rohn

Connect for Success is a monthly event for professionals and women in business . The aim of the group is to help you to build your contact base , to say networking would lose all the magic of the connection circles .Connect for success circlesprovide an energetic and educational forum to build your female connections . My goal is that your joining will support youto continue winning at work and succeeding in life by engaging you in a process of connecting , sharing , and learning in a fun and feminine supportive environment . In addition to growing your contact base , leading , learning and laughing with like minded high achieving woman at connect for success we support participants to grow their vision and set a clear direction for their year in business and a more fulfilled life .
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Our Vision
Connect for success will be an inspiring and supporting environmenfor high performing women to laugh , learn , lead and live fully enriched in their businesses professions and lives .Connect forSuccess Circles will provide an environemt for women to celebrate and share their successes , to collabourate rather than compete and to support each other in the big visions women will design for reaching their best potential in life and in business . The c for s clusters are designed to engage and empower women to step into their full potential as leaders in their businesses and lives.
Who is it for
Connect for success is for you if you are
A business professional
A female with an existing business
An existing successful business owner that wishes to grow your business and your connections
Asuccessful professional or business owner seeking to become a standout leader in your field
A woman wishing to become a leader worth knowing  
An experienced woman that knows fresh thinking , connection and experiences supports a journey of being an inspirational leader in your profession , business and for your team and clients
Your Host
Sharon Cahir is a successful solicitor , a speaker,an award winning business woman who has worked in the hospitality industry ,retail and has served as the managing partner of a law firm. Sharon believes that women have amazing potential but the having it all challenge now available to high performing and motivated hardworking women means they need a place to stop talking and start designing the life they want . Sometimes less is more but Sharon recognises that the support of a powerful and protective peer group can catapult results only dreamed of before . Sharon is a strong advocate for female leadership and diversity in the workplace but is also aware of the education women ned to recognise that they are often the only ones standng in their own way . Sharon is passionate about supporting women to breakthrough to a career and business worth havingand a life worth living . The aim of Connect for Success Is to be the catalys in connecting and empowering women to be inspired stand out confident leaders in their field .
Where is it
Monthly connection events will be held at 9.30am – 11.30am locally at the following locations and in the following venues ;
Limerick      First Tuesday each month                                                                                                  each will link to the booking page on eventbrite
Ennis         First Monday each month
Galway     First Thursday each month
Tralee       First Wednesday each month